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Six art installations, set in environment, featured in Lavazza Calendar
Saturday, 24 November, 2018, 16 : 00 PM [IST]
The Rhone Glacier, the forests of Thailand coffee estates in Colombia and the Moroccan desert, captured in photographs by photographer Ami Vitale, are among six nature art installations that give us some good news for the Earth in the form of virtuous projects for reforestation, protection of biodiversity and the conversion of industrial areas into green spaces.

Nestling among the highest peaks in the Swiss Alps is a striking portrait of two children who seem to be sheltering from the cold and the melting Rhone Glacier under a geotextile blanket.

Meanwhile, in Kenya, a large canvas installed on a raft roofing in Gazi Bay makes it look like the mangroves and the kingfisher depicted in the painting are at one with the water fauna and forest foliage.

In Colombia, Maria Paula is the young girl portrayed lying on the grass in a painting that measures 8,000sq m. She is using her hands to protect a coffee bush, symbolising the desire to take care of her own future and that of the local area as a whole.

In the Thai forest, there is a glimpse of a proud woman portrayed on a sheet of plexiglass, who is at one with the trees and their foliage.

In Belgium, there is an imposing mural celebrating the rebirth of Genk, a former industrial and coal mining area that has now hit its stride, thanks to a new cycle of sustainable development, and welcomed the return of the bee population.

Finally, in Morocco, two huge hands, covering an area of 37,000sq m, have been created using a rake and 36 tonne of gravel contribute symbolically to the task of irrigating the desert.

These are the six art installations, set in the environment - forests, deserts, glaciers and cities - featured in the 2019 Lavazza Calendar, Good to Earth.

The photographs by Vitale document the nature art of Hula (Switzerland); Mantra (Kenya); Saype (Colombia); Gomez (Thailand), Millo (Belgium) and Gerada (Morocco).

The spaces have been identified throughout the world in partnership with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), which can contribute to protecting nature and therefore the planet.

The Lavazza Calendar, now at its 27th edition, was realised with the creative guidance of advertising agency Armando Testa.

In Good to Earth, nature becomes art to inspire behaviour that respects the environment It does so through a contemporary art form that is totally immersed in nature.

“It is an original mix of the story told in pictures by Vitale and the works of internationally famous urban artists who have embarked on what can only be described as a process of co-creation with the environment,” said Francesca Lavazza, curator of the Lavazza Calendar, and a member of the board of directors of the company.

“Today we have a great need for positive art that isn’t an end in itself, but that leaves a mark, inspires people and stirs consciences.”

That is why the positive art of Good to Earth works against the one-way narrative of the Earth as a sick patient and chooses instead to tell stories of virtuous behaviour and environmental requalification, which, it is hoped, will have an influence on people, and young people in particular, inspiring them to make their own commitment to protect the planet.
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