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Restaurant trends reshaping global food service industry
Saturday, 29 October, 2022, 12 : 00 PM [IST]
Manish Sharma & Yogesh Sharma
The best thing about culinary trends is that they offer chances to revitalise your product range and enhance your marketing, client relations, and engagement in creative ways. Some in the food service industry are here to stay, while others come and go.

Innovative products, processes, and services
1. Mobile ordering dominates everything
The epidemic accelerated the adoption of more convenient, frictionless order fulfilment and payment processing techniques, but the convenience that this technology has provided to both businesses and customers has ensured its survival.

Consumers may place an order from home, select any upsell with a click, and only interact with the company when the order is being delivered or collected. Mobile ordering with dinning is gaining popularity and is suitable for all sizes and types of hospitality enterprises.

By automating a number of formerly labour-intensive tasks, increasing their turnover, and minimising physical queues, this particular trend in the food service industry allows retailers to save money in the interim. Additionally, delivery fees, tipping, and digital upsells can increase the order value by 20% or more.

2. Long dining establishments with dim kitchens
Dark kitchen restaurants were a notable innovation brought on by the epidemic, along with an upsurge in a number of other movements and developments.

Dark kitchens function as pure production facilities that only prepare food for delivery, doing away with the need for what already seem to be antiquated brick and mortar restaurants and the in-dining experience altogether.

By not needing to rent or buy dining room space, this lowers operating costs. Additionally, it replaces a large portion of the customer service required in full-fledged in-dining facilities with third-party delivery systems, reducing the number of workers required on the shop floor, particularly serving staff. These simplified restaurants may therefore serve a wider variety of customers utilising a wider range of approaches and have much lower overhead costs.

3. Creating diets that are plant-based
Numerous restaurants and coffee shops have started to increase the number of meatless alternatives on their menus as a result of the rise in vegetarianism and veganism. Many people place a great premium on making careful choices, changing to better lives, and eliminating persons who are hypersensitive to certain food categories.

Restaurants have a great opportunity to be creative, offer substitute foods, and take part in the internet buzz surrounding seasonal events like Veganuary, which are now generally recognised.

4. Mindful choice-making
Due to the meat-free industry, which some of the top restaurants in the world are currently focusing on, consumers are becoming more conscious of their packaging. Every purchase still comes with the dependable trustee recycled brown paper bag, and a portion of the money is donated to charitable organisations.

Offering cruelty-free products will help your business become more appealing and develop strong brand connections because consumers are increasingly choosing fair trade products and comparable goods.

5. Having a picnic
Al fresco dining, which takes advantage of a temperate climate, encourages a carefree, party-like environment, offers attractive tablescapes with an emphasis on comfort in seating and surroundings, and is rated as one of the top restaurant trends, is best enjoyed during the warmer months.

Al fresco dining, which can occur on a rooftop, patio, garden, or sidewalk, boosts serving capacity and is a growing industry in UK city centres and well-known tourist locations. Offering outdoor seating in warm weather might entice patrons to go to cafes, bars, and restaurants. It also becomes a well-liked dining choice throughout the year.

There are many trends in the food service industry. With so many options available, you can use mobile ordering apps or provide consumers with ethical food options in restaurants, cafes, and pubs to improve and expand your business.

(Manish and Yogesh are directors at The Flying Dutchman)
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