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Beverage industry is continually confronting its declined sales
Tuesday, 15 December, 2020, 08 : 00 AM [IST]
Avneet Singh
Covid-19 has affected all small and big businesses across all sectors alike and the world is taking time to get back on track one step at a time. The pandemic has wreaked havoc causing some businesses to even shut down. The alcohol businesses were at a full stop at one point but the sales have once again started gaining momentum. With the hotel businesses, bars and liquor stores opening up, all alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages have started getting sold on a roll once again.

In India, the expanding requests for alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages has made it one of the most elevated and developing industries in the country. However, because of the pandemic the beverage industry is continually confronting its declined sales or no sales at all bringing about significant losses. The progressions occurring in the buying patterns of the purchasers and consumers ends up being a central explanation for why the industry was going through such a bad phase. The consumers were concentrating on purchasing and stocking up on the essentials due to the uncertainty caused by the pandemic resulting in the consumers not paying much heed to the stocking up of alcohol or non-alcohol-based drinks.

The food and drink industry has been significantly influenced because of the pandemic making it extremely difficult for the sustenance of such beverage brands. With few results it is significant for the makers to dispose of the uncertainties of the market. The industry has however started making progress since the country has started opening up.

One who can seek after better results can never surrender. It is that stage where we as a whole are home isolated and limitations will most likely become an integral factor with time to guarantee wellbeing for all. The best use of this time can pitch leads for thebrands and enterprises helping in building additional opportunities which can become an integral factor post lockdown. The brands specially in the beverage industry need to act like specialists while being isolated and solicit new procedures which can direct us through the dull towards advancement as the lockdown reaches a conclusion.

It is normal that the alcohol and beverage industry will confront rising requests post lockdown, taking reality into consideration it turns out to be similarly significant for the producers to comprehend the problem areas of beverages and work explicitly on the plans which can assist them with creating a bigger consumer base in the future. Isolation can be transformed into a brilliant time span which we can be utilized by working and investigating the past plans and their procedures. After facing a pandemic like this, brands need to prepare themselves and have a backup plan for any such obstacles coming their way to avoid any sort of losses in the future.

The growth and sustenance of a brand are a process that has to be faced by every single sector and the beverage sector being one of them simply needs to take a different approach. The post Covid-19 period has already started with the country opening up and businesses are gaining momentum once again. The tourism industry opens up several doors and opportunities for alcoholic and non-alcoholic brands and these brands have to be much more vigilant and aware of the upcoming future and trends to increase performance and continue their growth in the market.

Everything right from packaging to distribution and expansion has to be paid attention to. The brands in the beverage industry need to come up with creative and attractive packaging to lure the consumers and at the same time attention has to be paid towards maintaining safety. For instance, cans are more hygienic compared to bottles and could be the next budding trend in the industry. The consumer base expansion has to be paid heed to so that the sales increase. Distribution needs to be more efficient and accurate. These are some things that could decide the brand fate post Covid-19times.

Likewise, digitisation has been an aid under all conditions. By understanding its wide reach as one of the boons to mankind, the beverage brands and the industry must start utilizing it in a way beneficial to all. This is the life post Covid-19 and a new normal.

It is the need of the hour to remain calm and positive and simultaneously put our time in building efficacious plans and arrangements. Furthermore, beverage producers of this nation should pay more attention, time and effort over the how the brand can sustain in the market post pandemic times.

Our government has already taken several initiatives to promote a healthy and positive environment for the growth of manufacturing sectors in the country. And the alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage manufacturers of this country can afford to bring into play the time of quarantine as a strategist so that whenever we address rising demands of people, they will be able to fulfil it with their easy supply in less time. The time to bring forth the sales to compensate for all the losses faced is approaching and the manufacturers must be prepared for the same.

(The author isfounder of Medusa Beverages Private Limited)
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