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Most home bakers conflict in locating proper kind of customer
Wednesday, 06 September, 2023, 16 : 00 PM [IST]
Arya Indani & Khushbu Shah
The art of baking remains a fundamental skill and is important to nutrition because baked goods, especially bread, are a common and important food both economically and culturally. A person who makes baked goods for a living is called a baker. In this context, a pastry chef is someone trained in the art of making cakes, desserts, breads, and other baked goods.

Baking can be practised as a hobby as well as it can be a profession. India being the second most populated country working and earning is very important for survival. Therefore people these days are involved in starting up business on small-scale and home baking is a good option. On average, 86% of the population welcomes home bakers and on an average 99% of population trust the quality of home bakers.

Baking has traditionally been done at home for everyday meals and in bakeries and restaurants for local consumption. As production became industrialised, cooking machines in large factories became automated. The bakery is certainly considered one among the most important segments in India with inside the processed meals category. The enterprise gives a whole lot of boom and enterprise opportunities.

The bakery enterprise in India is experiencing sturdy boom of over 8.5% (as per EMR) between 2021 and 2026 and is expected to be 12.39 billion US$ in 2026. And it's been developing steeply year on year. However, the change in client conduct and lifestyle are making the conventional bakeries out of date and given sizeable boom to the house bakers. The customers these days prefer more to custom designed bakeries, healthful ingredients, preference of flavours makes the house bakers a lot extra famous then. The intake of bakery products is excessive in each household. But as a lot as we adore to devour those baked goodies, we additionally actively search for healthful options of the same. And that’s when the consumer flip to home bakers where they find taste along with health. Home baking is a small scale start-up. Home bakers are the ones who bake for family intake and domestic baking marketers are those who sell their product into the market. Home baking is a superb desire for starting up a small scale business, because it affords the individual with activity pleasure with the aid of using, placing their improvements in the products, given the circumstance that they have got a hobby and simple expertise on baking, enough capital, essential equipment, time, etc. Starting a business is a challenging task, but for home bakers, home baking is already an active part of their daily lives.With a small investment and using all things from the household to run the business, home baking may end up being an interesting business.

There is a difference in practising baking as a hobby and practising it as a profession. When an individual who bakes as an interest or a person who occasionally bakes desserts for buddies and own circle of relatives are the individuals who practice baking just as a hobby. Hobby bakers do not have any instantaneous effect on enterprise bakers if they may be truly interested in baking as a hobby and bake the handiest for own circle of relatives and near buddies for free. Whereas the professional bakers may frequently be very professional and usually will observe hints and exact exercise for hygiene without the want for legislation. Hobby baker does not have any plans to market the product that is been made is just done by them as a hobby. A person or organisation who makes desserts to sell to different individuals, participants of the general public or companies, either as per requirement or mass produced or both as a complete time or part time business. Someone who runs as an enterprise, advertises in media or on promoting sites, sells at events, prices for ingredients and accepts cash in trade for any cake or bake produced in any way. It is not necessary that a house baker or home baker can start the business only after finishing a 3-12 months diploma in food. Most of the house bakers get into baking due to their interest.

Most of the house baking commercial enterprise were started due to the fact their friends and own circle of relatives preferred the baking talents of the person and endorsed the man or woman to begin a domestic baking commercial enterprise. This is extremely good to begin with. Once you've got mastered your craft with the right baking gear, one can reproduce your successes and ultimately gain success in the business.

There are various challenges faced by the home bakers which are as follows:
    • In case of home bakers, scattered and insufficient knowledge in the direction of the commercial baking results in a lack of information to home bakers.
    • Most customers choose that their baker is recognised, registered and licensed however bakers who do not possess these recognition suffer a loss even being good.
    • Even if a domestic baker want to gather information with regards to business ,there's hardly ever a platform for them.
    • One of the most important demanding situations, maximum of the house bakers discover is the manner of locating paying clients for his bakes, most of the home bakers conflict in locating the proper kind of customer.
    • There are many myths in relation to baking from domestic with the goal of promoting your business and having authentic credentials is one in all of them.
    • It is critical to apprehend the vital equipment of the exchange and lean into the ones strongly so that you are operating smarter and now no longer harder (or breaking the bank).
    • There is a myth that only highly sophisticated machine allows one to make the best product.

As purchasers are seeking out meals which can be acquainted and offer comfort, bakers and producers can be capable of interacting with a population who had formerly opted for different greater distinctiveness items. There are many specialised gear which can be extraordinarily low-cost and could allow you to create bakery trendy place, together along with your creativeness and willingness to place the paintings in being the most effective obstacles to success.

It can be concluded that home baking can be a good opportunity as growing business on large scale as well as small scale. There are certain challenges which are overcome by proper planning and execution of the processes.

(Indani is a food safety-regulatory advisor-trainer and Shah is a food technologist at SafeFoodz SolutionsPvt. Ltd. They are supported by Tejashri Jadhav They can be reached on
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