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“In revenue, we currently stand at Rs 40 lakh”
Monday, 28 October, 2019, 08 : 00 AM [IST]
Honey Tub is an emerging food brand that deals in specialised honey products. The company has innovated and developed several types of honey that include four types of uni-floral honey namely, Jamun, Eucalyptus, Multi-Floral and Litchi honey and each of which differ in taste and have multiple health benefits. In an interaction with Ashwani Maindola, Samarth Garg, founder of HoneyTub, reveals the idea behind the company and growth and future prospects. Excerpts:

Tell us something about your brand and the philosophy behind it.
The brand was established to promote honey in its purest form and thereby change the lifestyle Indian populace is used to. We witnessed a noticeable difference in the quality of honey that is being exported and the one delivered in the Indian market. The honey supplied to the Indian market is highly processed because of which it loses its natural enzymes and the end-product is mere sugar syrup. We are committed to delivering unadulterated honey that comprises of multiple health benefits. As a carter to the Indian market, our philosophy is to maintain and improve the quality of our products along with helping the farmers to get the best price for their produce.

How do you see the opportunities for food startups in India?
In today’s date, the food startup industry is in upswing and is constantly expanding. Now that people are more aware of what they are consuming, it is easier for companies to focus on the likes of the people and curate a product accordingly. The shift of this generation towards healthier products has built space for startups to enter the market with new and healthy products at affordable prices. The government is setting up policies that will help in establishing and sustaining the startup while they incur lucrative growth.

Do you see enough policy interventions by the government for food startups to flourish in India? What do you think about the regulatory mechanism with respect to food safety in India?
Indian government has been proactively supporting the new entrepreneurs through Start-up India scheme. However, the regulatory mechanism for food safety standards is still run-of-the-mill and certainly needs improvement. The initiatives adopted by the government need to be executed appropriately and in a rightful manner.

Describe your products and their USPs.
We currently offer four types of uni-floral honey namely, Jamun, Eucalyptus, Multi-floral and Litchi honey and each of which differ in taste and have multiple health benefits. Jamun honey - this is extracted from Jamun tree and is beneficial for diabetic patients as it contains low glycaemic index. Eucalyptus honey is extracted from eucalyptus and has a warm woody flavour. It is known to be highly effective in alleviating mild cough, chest congestion, headache and digestion. As flowers too have remarkable medicinal properties against bronchial diseases, high blood pressure etc. Litchi honey is a gluten-free possession that is sourced specially from organic litchi orchards. We are the first ones in India to introduce wooden dipper, which is integrated with cap so that it becomes easy to take out honey.

How do you evaluate the honey market in India in context with the sugar sector and in some case 'stevia,' in terms of prospects, value and volume?
Honey is comparatively healthier than other alternatives available in the market. We have seen an immense shift in people’s choice as sugar is now being replaced by honey.

There are already established brands in the country, how do you see the competition?
Honey market is slowly churning out to be intense and highly competitive. Therefore, we face this competition by being innovative in the field and retaining consumer’s trust. Our innovative packaging includes a unique trademarked wooden dipper in the cap that attracts customers the most.

Where is your plant located and what is the process that goes into the making of honey?
We are established in Faridabad. However, we procure honey from variety of places in the country. We scientifically process our honey unlike the mass companies so that its nutritional value is preserved and pack it in hygienic conditions.

What is your revenue currently and what shall be your target in the next five years, the expansion plan?
In terms of revenue we have achieved a significant growth and currently stand at Rs 40 lakh. We are rapidly evolving and look forward to expanding in the market through a diverse product range. The aim is to attain 2x growth in the coming year and gain interest of the potential investors.
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