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“E-surveillance likely to expand at 13%”
Monday, 28 November, 2016, 08 : 00 AM [IST]
Securens Systems Pvt. Ltd is a new-age Internet of Things (IoT) company with a vision of being the largest provider of electronic surveillance (e-surveillance) services in India. The company offers Distinctive Monitored Intrusion Alarm solutions to meet the need of high value asset protection of its clients. It is centred on proactive ways of preventing a crime. Sunil Udupa, MD, Securens System Pvt. Ltd, in an email interaction with Anurag More speaks about the e-surveillance market for food & beverage in India.

How big is the e-surveillance market for food & beverage in India? What is the outlook for the market?
The Indian security and surveillance industry clocked Rs 40,000 crore in 2014 and is expected to reach Rs 80,000 crore by the year 2020. This industry, which primarily comprised security guards, is now witnessing a paradigm shift towards electronic surveillance.

There are few sectors in India that have witnessed uninterrupted growth and food & beverage sector is one of those. According to a report (FICCI) issued last year, with the expansion rate at average annual pace of 24%, the sales in this sector will exceed Rs 3 trillion by March 2017. Fast food that comprises QSR, holds the largest market share of 45% in this space and is supposed to grow by 16% a year. With this, there will be surge in the subsidising industries to this market. E-surveillance, however, stands as one of the main challenges and hence likely to expand at an average rate of 13% by 2019.  

According to 6Wresearch, the market for video surveillance in India is projected to reach $2.4 billion by 2020. Surveillance industry is growing gradually and commercial space is emerging as the potential market for us due to increasing awareness and demands for surveillance in education, hospitality, and retail.

Where does India stand compared to developed countries?
E-surveillance in India is picking up pace slowly. A lot of brands have forayed in F&B security space which constitutes 45% of the market - highest in this space. We see it as a growth opportunity for surveillance industry which is serving as an aid to this industry. Indian buyers are showing positive sentiment towards these technologies which have stimulated the growth in this corridor.

How does e-surveillance help food and beverage market?
E-surveillance can provide an extensive study ground for business owners to monitor the customer behaviour, order turnaround timing, cleanliness, and the employee's behaviour at large. This may help them to enhance and customise its services. Appearance in this space is one of the crucial aspect and e-surveillance can contribute to this to a greater extent for improvising on the same. The losses because of pilferage can be minimised or avoided.

What are the problems faced by players like you in the market?
Some of the challenges faced are Integration of installed surveillance equipments of various companies into one seamless solution; Poor network coverage in many areas.

How is the market coping with the challenges?
With the advent of 3G and 4G, the network coverage will improve. Securens has successfully integrated installed equipment of many companies.

What are the trends you have witnessed in the market?
After so many innovations I believe the surveillance industry today is focussing at more unified solutions. Earlier, surveillance was just about keeping a watch but the focus has shifted from just being a watchdog to an e-surveillance partner who can assimilate customer behaviours, deter theft or crimes, provide insight with the help of analytics, utilise the captured data and provide a detailed bifurcated image by 24*7 monitoring. Apart from preventing the loss, it facilitates the enhancement of business as well.

Brief us about solutions offered by your company for the F&B market.
The food and beverage market is growing rapidly geographically and it has become very important to have a single vendor to implement and maintain all the e-surveillance equipment across India. There is also a financial need across the sector to preserve their capital for expansion rather than to tie it up in e-surveillance equipment making Securens’ eSaaS a very attractive option to help in their growth.

Securens has introduced ACTICare in F&B sector that will help in ensuring health of the surveillance equipment on a daily basis and also provide comprehensive AMC on a SaaS model on a pan-India basis. Monitoring of Brand SOPs with the newly launched ACTIHygiene services provides an ‘e-Mystery Shopper’ where each and every outlet is checked twice a day for adherence of the company’s brand policies by stores and its employees with the help of videos.

What makes you different from other players?
We are a new-age Internet-of-Things company, one of the largest providers of electronic surveillance (e-surveillance) services in India.

Based on SAAS model, our e-surveillance offers distinctive ‘Monitored Intrusion Alarm’ solutions to protect high value assets and the solutions and centres around proactive ways of preventing a crime. Our motto is ‘Active Deterrence (AD)’ which employs Video Verification and 2-Way Voice to actively deter a crime/ incident.

We have the largest monitoring centre in India, equipped with high-technology and built-in high reliability. Our monitoring centre located at Navi Mumbai maintains vigilance of 17,500+ sites in India.

Our customers are from high surveillance critical sectors mainly top banks, retailers, logistics companies, warehouses, commissaries, top restaurant chains from F&B and QSR space to name a few.
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