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Please note that we will be distributing free copies at the Aahar exhibition apart from our regular circulations in india.

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AAHAR 2018
March 13 - 17, 2018 Pragati Maidan, New Delhi

AAHAR 2018, the International Food Fair for Food Processing, Equipments, Hotel & Restaurant industries is to be held at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi from March 13 - 17, 2018. The fair, being organized by India Trade Promotion Organisation with the support of The Ministry of Food Processing Industries, Government of India, APEDA, ARCHI, CIFTI, & HOTREMAI has been recognized as Asia's leading event on food technology.

33rd edition of AAHAR is the largest show of its kind in South Asia. AAHAR whose last edition witnessed Over 1100+ exhibitors including foreign participants from across 17 countries and 65000+ visitors.

Food & Beverage News, in the capacity of India's first newspaper of its kind for the F & B sector will bring out a special feature covering the event. Respecting the need of the industry, we will cover this erstwhile industry in the same issue.

The numerous section that would be covered under special feature includes Processing and Preservative Machinery & Equipments for food, the grains and its associated items, fruits & vegetable products, machinery and equipments for beverages, meat and poultry, fish processing and aqua-culture, fermentation industry, consumer industry including soft drink/water, snacks, bakery & confectionery etc. Milk & milk products, additives, flavors, machinery for extraction of edible oil, refrigeration/pasteurization, containers, packaging & consultants services are among the others.

This is an excellent opportunity for our advertisers to showcase their products and services to a captive domestic & international audience & reach out to the delegates at the fair, through F & B News as we are distributing extra copies at the event itself apart from our regular circulation all over India.

While our advertisers readily vouch for the response their ad campaigns have generated, the best proof would be your personal experience with F&B News. We are confident of delivering a cost efficiency that no other medium can match.

F&B News readership offers any advertiser precision targeting without any media spill over what so ever. The proof is the ever-increasing advertisers participation that is encouraged by the acknowledged superior response F&B News delivers to their campaigns.

This is one issue no advertiser can afford to miss.

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